Commercial & Contractual Audit Services in Coral Springs, Florida

Along with our financial services, Definitive Services also offers auditing services. An audit of your financial statements is an opportunity to gather information and provide insight that can help you understand and run your business better. At Definitive Services, we are a consolidated solutions provider and specialize in identifying and correcting utility and service contract billing errors for business. We also serve as a complete resource for our clients - bringing industry-leading systems and technology to address their needs.

We offer commercial and contractual services to conduct successful audits which can generate ideas for reducing monthly costs, negotiate contracts and spot trouble before it occurs. We can help you reduce monthly costs and obtaining substantial refunds from providers of electricity, gas, waste removal, telecommunications, shipping, merchant processing, water/sewer, and even workers’ compensation insurance nationwide.

In some cases, you may require additional assurance relating to the business operations. Definitive Services prepares a special purpose report in this case which can assist you in delivering tailored information for specific audiences, for instance, to demonstrate compliance with regulations or agreements. Moreover, we deploy our knowledge, methods, and superior technology to thoroughly analyze invoices and services for errors, anomalies, and inefficiency in billing.

By turning data into information and recommendations, our professionals can help you make better decisions, improve the business’ future performance, and communicate these with your shareholders, banks, investors, and partners. We will assist you to implement these cost savings and obtain the refunds that we identify. We will act as your project lead, completing paperwork and compiling claim documents for your review that are required to realize the benefit of what we propose. We also have a highly successful track record of reducing monthly costs and obtaining substantial refunds.